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Olive oil is a very versatile product. It is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. Since many generations the olive oil is essential for the Mediterranean world and it is now widely appreciated around the globe for its nutritional, health and sensory properties.

There’s a lot of aspect that affects the olive oil itself from the growing method to harvesting and transportation of the olives as well as extraction and storage methods. Quality testing of the peroxide value provides critical information for farmers, distributors and buyers of olive oil.


The peroxide content (PV), measured in milliequivalents of active oxygen per kilogram, determines the initial oxidation of an oil. The peroxidation of the oil is primary arising because of the oxidation process, high temperature and visibility to light. Contact with metal surfaces can also cause faster oxidation of the oil.

The lower this value the longer the oil will retain the shelf life and will delay the possibility of rancidity, while high peroxide value usually indicates poor processing, and that the quality of the oil is low. Setting a low peroxide value standard for your olive oil means that it will be more stable and if stored correctly the shelf life will be extended.

Peroxide value in olive oils
Extra Virgin olive oil
<20 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg oil
Olive oil
<15 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg oil
Olive-pomace oil <15 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg oil
Refined olive-pomace oil
<5 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg oil
Refined olive oil 
<5 milliequivalents of active oxygen/kg oil

"Extra Virgin" is the top grade of olive oil according to standards established by the International Olive Council (IOC).
It demands a premium price—as much as 10 times that of a lower grade.

Since many years we support the industry in every aspect of the production from olive oil farms to mayonese manufacturers with our MI490 photometers. The MI490 is an easy to use portable photometer even for relatively unskilled users which will guaranteed to bring you the fastest result during the production on site.

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