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 About pH: The pH value of a solution is a measure of its acidity or alkalinity. A basic, neutral solution measures 7 on the pH scale. As a solution gets more acidic, the pH value will decrease. As the solution becomes less acidic, or more alkaline, the value will increase. The pH scale ranges from 0 pH (very acid) to 14 pH (highly alkaline). Pure water has a pH of 7, indicating that it is neither acidic nor alkaline, but neutral. More information

Welcome to Our Website

Milwaukee is a dynamic worldwide manufacturer of electrochemical Instrumentation for water analysis to measure pH, Redox, Conductivity, Salinity, DissolvedOxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Chlorine, Ammonia, Copper, Chloride, Phosphate, Iron, etc.

Milwaukee serves all markets where water quality measurements are required: Laboratory market, food and beverage, environmental, education and government, water and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical, agriculture and horticulture, hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, etc.

Thanks to your valuable feedback our R&D team has designed a new line of instruments for professional laboratory and field measurements. Many of our instruments combine 2 or more parameters providing added versatility and excellent value for money. With an extended range of products, from basic hand held instruments to high performance laboratory bench meters, Milwaukee products have a reputation for reliability and accuracy.

All of our instruments are supplied with probes, electrode holders, buffer solutions and most come in a hard carrying case (Professional portable meters and photometers) and are complete and ready for use.

Milwaukee Instruments are available worldwide through a selected network of distributors and associated companies that are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction.

Everyone in Milwaukee Instruments is committed to exceeding your expectations.

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